2015 Coptic Lands of Immigration Seminar

H.H. Pope Tawadros II presided over the first ever, 2015 Coptic Lands of Immigration Conference from May 20, 2015 – May 23, 2015.  Delegations from each diocese outside of Egypt were in attendance and presented on a variety topics concerning the future of the Coptic Orthodox Church outside of Egypt.  The delegations were composed of the supervising Bishop of the area, an elder priest, a young priest, an elder servant, and 2 youths.  We continue to pray for the success of this conference and for the growth of the Church.  I hope to have / share more information with you all about the results of the conference.

Sessions [http://www.landofimmigration.org/content/sessions]

# Region Assigned Topic(s)
1 Canada
(Bishop Mina)
The challenges of service in the Land of immigration:

  1. Feasts’ dates issue
  2. General Medical Committee – To advise and help with cases sent from the Mother Church for treatment
  3. Churches acclimating to the land of immigration
2 Bolivia
(Bishop Youssef)
The service of Evangelism outside the United States
3 Melbourne
(Bishop Suriel)
Theology schools, seminaries, Coptic schools, and Curricula
4 Sydney
(Bishop Daniel)
Churches: Buildings, Boards, Legal issues, Bylaws and needed Policies
5 United Kingdom
(Bishop Angaelos)
Communicating our Message, Mission and Identity
6 St. Shenouda Monastery – Australia
(Bishop Daniel)
Monasteries of the Land of Immigration ‐ Consecration
7 Archdiocese – New Jersey
(Bishop Karas)
Relationship with the Mother Church ‐ connecting the youth and educating them about the Church of Alexandria
8 Los Angeles
(Bishop Serapion)
Relationships with different denominations and the Society of the Land of Immigration
9 New York
(Bishop David)
The service of Evangelism inside the United States
10 Brazil
(Bishop Aghathon)
Priest of the Land of Immigration: Scope of service, essential qualities, factors facilitating and others hindering his service, clothes, etc.

Attendees [http://www.landofimmigration.org/content/attendees]

Selected delegates from the United States, Canada, South America, and Australia are invited to attend. Participants from the 3 continents will be divided into 10 areas as follows:


  1. Brazil and Bolivia (Bishop Aghathon and Bishop Youssef, respectively)
  2. Melbourne (Bishop Suriel)
  3. Sydney (Bishop Daniel of Sydney and Bishop Daniel of the monastery)
  4. Canada (Bishop Mina)
  5. Los Angeles (Bishop Serapion)
  6. New York (Bishop David)
  7. Virginia (Bishop Michael)
  8. Archdiocese – New Jersey (Bishop Karas)
  9. Archdiocese – Outside New Jersey (Bishop Karas)
  10. Southern United States (Bishop Youssef)
  11. United Kingdom (Bishop Angaelos)

Delegate Demographics

From each area, 5 delegates will be assigned by each bishop as follows:

  1. Elder priest – More than 20 years of service
  2. Recent priest – Less than 20 years of service
  3. Elder representative – Board member or deacon who has been living in the land of immigration for at least 30 years
  4. Youth representative – At most 30 years old and has been living in the land of immigration for at least 15 years
  5. Female representative – A servant who has been living in the land of immigration for at least 15 years


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