English Agepya Prayers – 1st, 3rd, 6th Hours

St. Antony Monastery of Newberry Springs, California presents: The Holy Coptic Agpeya, prayed in the English language, including the First, Third, and Sixth hours. Fr. Anastasi Saint Antony prays some of the priest’s parts along with recordings from the blessed deacons.  The beautiful thing about this recording is that the psalms are sung and not only read.  Each album if being sold for only $3.00.  You can listen to previews of the CD at the websites below and is available for immediate download upon purchase.

The CD was recorded to fund raise for the completion of the Church of St. Moses the Strong.  Please take the blessing of participating in the building of this church.  Donate Now to St. Antony’s Monastery on their website.

Introduction to Every Hour, The First Hour, Conclusion


The Third Hour & The Sixth Hour


Second Lenten Doxology

St. Anthony’s Monastery – Great Lent & Holy Week Hymns – 02 – Through Prayer and Fasting
[audio:https://davidbebawy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/02-Through-Prayer-and-Fasting.mp3|titles=02 – Through Prayer and Fasting]

Second Doxology for the Holy Great Lent

Fasting and prayer, are the salvation for our souls, purity and righteousness, they are what please God.
+ Fasting has raised Moses, up to the mountain, until he received the Law for us, from the Lord our God.
Fasting has raised Elijah, up to heaven, and has saved Daniel, from the den of lions.
+ Our Lord Jesus Christ, has fasted for us, forty days and forty nights, to save us from our sins.
And we too should also fast, with purity and righteousness, and let us also pray, proclaiming and saying.
+ “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Your name, may Your kingdom come, for Yours is the glory forever Amen.”

Lenten Weekday Communion Hymn – Pimairomi

St. Anthony’s Monastery – Great Lent & Holy Week Hymns – 04 – Pimairomi (Lenten Weekday Communion Hymn)
[audio:https://davidbebawy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/04-Pimairomi-Lenten-Weekday-Communion-Hymn.mp3|titles=04 – Pimairomi (Lenten Weekday Communion Hymn)]

Lenten Weekday Communion Hymn

O good Lover of mankind, my Master Jesus, I entreat You not to put me on Your left, with the goats the sinners.

Also do not say to me, “I do not know you, go away from Me, you who is prepared for the everlasting fire.”

I know indeed, that I am a sinner, and that all my evil deeds, are manifested before You.

I speak with, the tax collector’s voice, proclaiming and saying, “O God forgive me, I am the sinner.”

I have sinned I have sinned, O my Lord Jesus forgive me, for there is no servant without sin, nor master without forgiveness.

O Lord grant me repentance, that I may repent, before death closes my mouth, at the doors of Hades.

Also give me an answer, for all what I have done, O just Judge Jesus, who will judge me.

Compassionate is my Savior, who have compassion upon His people, as a good One and Lover of mankind, have mercy upon us according to Your great mercy.