Coptic Ordinations November 30, 2010

On November 30, 2010, H.H. Pope Shenouda III, with the gathered Bishops ordained 8 new priests:

  1. Father Antoine to serve the Church of Virgin Mary & St. Mark in Paris, France.
  2. Father Youhanna (John) to serve the Church Virgin Mary & St. Mark in Paris, France.
  3. Father Youssef (Joseph) to serve the Coptic Orthodox Church in Paris, France.
  4. Father Mina Youssef to serve the Church of Daniel The Prophet & The Three Youth in Mississauga, Canada.
  5. Father Kyrillos (Cyril) Attia to serve the Church of St. George & St. Abanoub in Mississauga, Canada.
  6. Father Daniel Hanna, formerly known as Alfred Hanna of Chicago, Illinois to serve St. Maurice and St. Verena Mission Church in Toronto, Canada.
  7. Father Peter Saad, formerly known as Peter Saad of Montreal, Canada to serve the St. Peter & St. Paul Mission Church in Montreal, Canada.
  8. Father Michael Todary, formerly known as Michael Todary of Montreal, Canada to serve the Church of St. George & St. Joseph in Montreal, Canada.

May the Lord continue to bless His Church and increase her service. We congratulate His Holiness Pope Shenouda III on the ordinations of these new servants of Christ. We also congratulate the newly ordained fathers the priests, their families, and the congregations of these blessed churches.

Priest Ordinations Video

Ordination Liturgy Video – Part 1

Ordination Liturgy Video – Part 2

There Is One Who Loves You – Arabic Christian Song (Fee Wahed Bey Hebak)

Download CTV – Fee Wahed Bey Hebak [audio:|titles=CTV – Fee Wahed Bey Hebak]

This is a beautiful christian song! It has some deep lyrics and re-assures of things we too often forget.  Meditating on these words, we will remember all the times God has been there for us, all the times He patiently tries to have us get to know Him, and all the times we are comforted and restored whenever we turn and look to Him.  The translation goes something lie this:


There is One who loves you,
He is knocking on (the door of) your heart,
Let Him reign over your life,
And open to Him your heart.
Talk to him and you will find Him listening,
He can feel your weaknesses,
He is the Creator, your Lord,
He holds you in His heart.

He rejoices when you call Him,
If you read His bible,
With all your heart, pray to Him,
And throw your cares on Him.
If you feel alone,
And you’re in real pain,
Your Lord’s voice is calling,
Go and get to know Him.


Our Lord’s promise is sure,
If you have a master,
He will give a new life,
And all sins he will remit.
Why are you lost and drowning;
Why do you flee His love;
Why do you drink of the world,
While you thirst for Him?


Why are you doubting?
Try and give Him a chance,
Come closer the Savior,
Your wounds He will heal.
Explain to Him your circumstances,
Your fears and your failures,
In the darkness He will find you,
And carry you in His hands.


Ordination of Fr. Cherubim Khalil

On Sunday, November 21, 2010, the Nashville community was blessed with an ordination of a new priest, Fr. Cherubim Khalil, as H.G. Bishop Youssef performed the “laying of hands”. This blessed event was attended by H.G. Bishop Serapion of Los Angeles, some of the Diocese priests and the Nashville community. Fr. Cherubim will be serving the congregation of St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church. We pray that the Lord will grant Fr. Cherubim wisdom, love, and peace as he begins his new service.

Video Highlights


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