Coptic Ordinations July 4, 2012

H.E Metropolitan Pachomious, the Coptic Locum Tenens, along with the other bishops today participated in the ordinations of various clergy. In attendance was H.G. Bishop Demetrious, H.G. Bishop Youannis, H.G. Bishop Boles, H.G. Bishop David, H.G. Bishop Daniel of Sydney, and H.G. Bishop Saleeb.

They elevated 4 priests to the rank of Hegomen. Among them were:

  1. Fr. Mikhail Tobia of St. Mary Church in East Brunswick, NJ, USA
  2. Fr. Angelos Doss of St. Mary & St. Demiana Church in White Plains, NY, USA
  3. Fr. Guirguis Ghobrial of St. Mary Church in Baltimore, MA, USA
  4. Fr. Abraham Azmy of St. Mary & Archangel Michael Church in Hamden, CT, USA

Additionally 5 priests were ordained for service in North America:

  1. Fr. Isaac, formerly known as Maged Mossad of Connecticut, to serve St. Mary & Archangel Michael Church in Hamden, CT, USA
  2. Fr. Mark Ibrahim to serve in the Church in Detroit, MI, USA
  3. Fr. John Bekhit to serve in Morristown, NJ, USA
  4. Fr. Mina Assad to serve in Toronto, Canada
  5. Fr. John Boutros to serve the Church of St. Moses the Strong & St. Katherine in Toronto, Canada

May God strengthen His Church and her Ministers.

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