Lenten Weekday Communion Hymn – Pimairomi

St. Anthony’s Monastery – Great Lent & Holy Week Hymns – 04 – Pimairomi (Lenten Weekday Communion Hymn)
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Lenten Weekday Communion Hymn

O good Lover of mankind, my Master Jesus, I entreat You not to put me on Your left, with the goats the sinners.

Also do not say to me, “I do not know you, go away from Me, you who is prepared for the everlasting fire.”

I know indeed, that I am a sinner, and that all my evil deeds, are manifested before You.

I speak with, the tax collector’s voice, proclaiming and saying, “O God forgive me, I am the sinner.”

I have sinned I have sinned, O my Lord Jesus forgive me, for there is no servant without sin, nor master without forgiveness.

O Lord grant me repentance, that I may repent, before death closes my mouth, at the doors of Hades.

Also give me an answer, for all what I have done, O just Judge Jesus, who will judge me.

Compassionate is my Savior, who have compassion upon His people, as a good One and Lover of mankind, have mercy upon us according to Your great mercy.

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