Bombing, Denial, Threats

Current events in Egypt are being widely covered in international news.  Egypt’s government is a government in denial!  Their denial has been their active plan to “deter” extremism and secure peace and safety.  I am not surprised at the current claims that are emerging from Egyptian government officials, news agencies, etc…  most of these are utter lies and fabrications, creating scapegoats and further denying  the sectarian strife in Egypt.  Their claims include:

  • Claim: Perpetrator(s) of the bombing was not Egyptian but a foreign element. My Opinion: It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY due to the fact that nothing thus far has suggested that it was foreign rather than internal.
  • Claim: The terrorist attack was against the whole of Egypt and not only the Copts.  My Opinion: While I am touched that some of our Muslim brothers empathize and feel that this was an attack against Egypt, the intention is clear from the location, timing, and date of the attack. The target was Coptic Christians as they were exiting a prayer service to ring in the new year.
  • Claim: It was an isolated terrorist attack and not sectarian violence.  My Opinion: This claim is DISGUSTING. What about the “… documented 52 anti-Christian incidents between 2008 and 2010 and in none of them were the perpetrators punished. Instead security forces arbitrarily arrested a few people.” (Source 1 – MSNBC) The Government does very little to achieve justice for perpetrators. They are given slaps on the wrist and released from custody.  Murderers are released back into the general population with relatively no punishment and so they encourage others and continue themselves.

This is one of many incidents which have been escalating in recent years.  Yet, everyone is just now finding out about the Coptic plight.

Copts in Egypt, and all over the world, are ANGRY.  They are angry at a Government whose internal security policy is: point the finger elsewhere, sweep situations under the rug, force reconciliations between heinous murders and victims, allow hate to flourish against Copts and the Pope, etc…  They have always been angry about these things but have restrained themselves.  They are no longer doing so,  with the mindset that if they will die anyway, they will do so innocently but not quietly or silently.  Many have taken their anger to the streets, thousands of Copts have been protesting in the streets of Shoubra and Alexandria.  They have also been joined by some of their Muslim brothers.

H.H. Pope Shenouda is quoted in Al Ahram Newspaper saying,

“The slogans used by some [Coptic protesters] have transgressed all values and modes of behavior… and some have tried to resort to violence, but violence is absolutely not a method of ours…”

He added that, “We can not prevent people from expressing their sorrow, yet I ask them to express their feelings without violence. I am glad that many Muslims joined [in the protests] which shows that all are against terrorism and sectarian violence. The attack brought us together and we have to unite against the enemy that aims to weaken our bonds.”

Radical Islam is very real.  While some Muslims consider directing verses in the Quran as remnants of the time of Mohammed, other consider them current and applicable today.  Any doubter of such should do some research for themselves. Do not remain in ignorance and denial.  These are SHOCKING and EYE-OPENING videos about how some interpret Islam:

Copts will celebrate Christmas Eve on January 6, and there has been internet chatter asking jihadists to detonate bombs in Coptic Churches around the world that night when the churches are full.  Lists of Coptic Churches and Activists have been supplied on a jihadist website for immediate bombing and execution.  National and local authorities in Egypt, Europe, Canada, Australia, US, etc… are on high alert. (Source 4 – CNN) We, the Copts, are not afraid of terrorists, jihadists, or death.

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