The 2009 Exercise Your Spirit 5K Run

On June 6, 2009, St. George & St. Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church of Jersey City, NJ hosted it’s Second Annual “Exercise Your Spirit” 5K Run. The race was held on a beautiful sunny day at Nomahegan Park in Cranford, NJ.

In addition to the many returning participants from last year, runners from all over the tri-state area joined us this year to support their sister church.  We hosted some 110 runners and 220 people at the BBQ.  We were blessed with the attendance of our Reverend Fathers, Fr. David Bebawy and Fr. Anthony Basily, who distributed awards to our fastest male and female runners.

2009 Fastest Runners

Fastest Male Runner – Mena Francis, finishing in 22:30

Fastest Female Runner – Maryann Sous

Also this year, we witnessed the Lord’s hand working as the money raised nearly doubled over night. The 5K Run raised $44,759.05!  Five times the income of last year’s event!  With this in mind, we especially recognize and thank the great efforts of the top three fundraisers:

2009 Highest Fundraiser

1. Nasheds (Mark Thomas Daniel) – $6,058.00

2. Safwat Shaker – $4,285.00

3. Ralph Toss – $4,265.00

Many thanks to all those who planned, worked, and labored for this event to be such a GREAT success!  A special thanks to our priests for their support and mentorship.

2009 5K Run Photo Album

Start of the 2009 5K Run Video

2009 Runners Awards Presentation Video

2009 Highest Fundraiser Award Video

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