Pre-Servants Graduation 2008

Every year our church celebrates the graduation of it’s Pre-Servants Class on the eve of the Feast of the Coptic New Year.  It was a special surprise this year to have some of the oldies of the class graduate.  David Fam, George Bebawy, and Daniel Bishara (who couldn’t make the ceremony) graduated this year after some 4-5 years in the program.  The program is 2 years long.  There are roughly 10 exams and 2 papers in various topics such as Church History, Rites of the Church, Comparative Theology, The Holy Bible, and Spirituality.  In order to graduate, you need to have 70% attendance and 70% on all your exams. In all fairness its quite difficult to finish in the 2 years.  I myself took the 3 year plan.

Also graduating with the oldies were the regular scholars, Merit Eskandar, Caroline Gadalla, Joanne Malek, Marize Ramzy, Marian Girgis, and Magi Ibrahim. So CONGRATULATIONS to all and welcome to our servants family at St. George & St. Shenouda Coptic Orthodox Church.

The oldies talking together in disbelief...
The oldies laughing at me taking pictures of them like crazy!
From Left to Right: Dr. Labib Labib, Merit Eskandar, David Fam, Fr. Makarius Sawirus, H.G. Bishop Serafim, George Bebawy, Fr. David Bebawy, Caroline Gadalla, Joanne Malek, Boutos Wassef, Marize Ramzy, Marian Girgis, and Magi Ibrahim.
The oldies!
The oldies and I!
A bunch of us congratulating the oldies after the ceremony...

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