Parents Are Stricter On Older Kids

Well,  well, well, its about time…  Science has finally confirmed the obvious, that parents are more strict on older kids. The article from Popular Science offers some insight as to why parents discipline older kids more severely than the younger ones.  It states that parents do this because it keeps older kids in line while deterring the younger ones.  Then as the older kids move out and the younger ones misbehave, the parents grow tender-hearted because soon all their kids will have moved out of the house.  As they have fewer and fewer younger children in the house they find it harder to engage in ‘tough love and don’t follow through on threats, therefore lessening their ability to discipline.  As a result, the youngest child, knowing they can get away with much more than their older siblings, are more likely to be spoiled, bratty, and involved in risky behavior.

Well I know for a fact that parents are more strict on older kids or the firstborns, yet I disagree with the theory offered.  I believe as parents first start their parenting journey they are overly cautious and over protective, thereby being very strict on the older kids.  Yet, as the older kids grow up and come out fine and dandy then the parents try to achieve the same results without the same high level of fights, stress, etc…  Also, in some cases they now have extra help around the house. with the older kids assuming some responsibilities.  That is why I believe that the younger kids have an easier life, less fights,  and most importantly more benefits or benefits at an earlier age.  So, for all you younger siblings out there, I think you should most definitely thank your elder siblings for the benefits and perks you have.


Popular Sciene Article – Science Confirms the Obvious: Parents are More Strict with Older Kids

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